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Post Info TOPIC: Brief vid from Oxford etc TRF trip down to Devon a couple of weeks ago

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Brief vid from Oxford etc TRF trip down to Devon a couple of weeks ago

Brief video - made mistake of diving into Mansell's Rut with newbies - Doh! 

Sean Comber

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Not an easy road to drive along when there is only a foot wide strip of earth hidden out of sight beneath the tussock grass which meets above. Easier when not a foot under water.

Quite a magical place though. I once met a huge stag with twelve points on each antler and instead of running away it just stood six foot away and stared at me. When I spoke it was a little un-nerved and stepped behind a small bush which was dwarfed by its antlers and this was so comical that I laughed causing it to 'hide' behind a branch thinner than my wrist which was farcical as it was only by going cross eyed that it could not see me. After several minutes admiring the magnificent beast I apologised for the noise and restarted the CRM which made it start, but not run. As I drove away it followed alongside me at walking pace for another hundred yards and it was only when I strayed off the track because I was watching it rather than where I was going and beached the bike on a tussock necessitating a push to get going again that it left when I sprouted legs as I got off the bike and it was gone in a flash covering a couple of hundred yards in a couple of seconds. One of those mountain top moments that sticks in the memory forever, but unfortunately predates headcams and digital cameras so no pics just a magical memory of a solo ride.

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