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Ciara and Jorge go wild in Devon

As we hadn't been out for a while, because of the bad weather and going away on holiday, myself and the current Mrs Foxon decided to have a wobble around the lanes to blow away the cobwebs.  We stayed local to have a chance to survey the lanes in our manor.

After the string of storms we have had recently it was no surprise that all the lanes we used were showing signs of water damage.  There was also a good deal of standing water in the fields.

We filled up with fuel and set of North of the village 3 tree lane was far more rutted Han normal and would now be a challenge for the farmer at its lower end





The lowest part of 192 205 has always had a bit of a gully to one side, I once put the sidecar wheel down it.  It has now turned into quite a hole, so beware if you are coming down the hill.




There is 2 trees down across 192 231 it is not possible to pass



We we worked our way across the ford just down the road and across the common passed the scrap yard, an Alsatian had a go at chasing Libby but she managed to avoid his foaming jaws.  Typically there was a van to squeeze past to continue across the common.  The disgraceful mess continues to grow unfettered, at what point is something going to be done about this flagrant breech of the law, and the pollution of our beautiful countryside.  We headed over to Longlane and stopped to admire the view, my personal botanist pointed out the Devon primroses in the hedgerows.


We sheltered from one of the sharp showers under some conveniently growing trees.



We returned towards Holcombe up 192 208 but found that the water had turned this previously straight forward climb into far more of a challenge.  There was another tree half way up.


After a few choice words and a bit of expert trail riding from the the wife we passed the tree crested the lane and rewarded ourselves with an excellent coffe and a cake at the Salty dog cafe. (Bottom of the dead end down to the beach in Holcombe)

After that we descided that the weather was becoming more showers than sunshine so beat a hasty retreat back to the village.





Oh your the guy who used to have a sidecar


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Well done Trev/Libby, a great write up with the added bonus of pictures !

its encouraged me to get out again!



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Great write up Trevor 

Nice ride out too, the scrapies are a law unto themselves I'm afraid hmm

the whole site should have been sorted years ago by the authorities 

Anyways great to see you both out and about enjoying the sunshine in-between the breaks of rain/hail 

cheers Wacky 


'He who dares wins'

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Cheered me up that did Trevor - nice one guys biggrinbiggrin


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