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The Devon Trf RoW team have investigated a concern from a few of its members regarding the legal status of this green road, on more than one occasion have the people in the house interrupted trail riders on their day to tell them its not legal  

Confirmation form 

John Baker DCC PRoW warden confirmed its legal and HMPE - Highways maintained at public expense

Its on the list of streets along with a land charges check 

There is however concerns form house owners on the green road saying its not a legal through route of any kind - YES IT IS 

Be Polite when or if you encounter these people, clearly state its a legal road with public access for all!

 Thank you so much for your enquires, Please carry on riding! 



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Top work Wacky.

The unhappy residents at Chillaton are believed to have lived in this area for years, and they may also own all the land around, but the lane IS a Public Highway.

I have asked the PROW warden John Baker to pay the residents a visit, but that may not change their approach to passing riders. So, as Wacky says, stay polite

and keep riding it.

Here is an extract from Devon County Councils Land Charges dept, dated 22nd July 2020. Coloured BROWN is Public Highway so legal to ride.

201-092 on LoS extract dated 220720.JPG


edited version so you know what we're referring to

201-092 on LoS extract dated 220720 edit.JPG

and from the overlays

201-092 Chillaton on MM labelled.JPG



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An alternative is to open your phone and show them the above messages....

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